December 5, 2021

When it comes to web hosting services there are many options on the market to choose from but before choosing any hosting provider there are some fundamentals and important things to know in order to ensure that you are choosing the right type of hosting for your business or for your personal needs. This article will give you an introduction to web hosting and explain the main types of web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

In simple and basic term web hosting is the online services that you buy and then start uploading(hosting) your website files this includes web pages, media files, and other related documents to your website so that your website can be globally accessible, all the users have to do is to type your website address(i.e on the web browser of their choices.

The hosting company provides all the required resources needed to accommodate your website by having the servers up and running 24/7. A server is a dedicated computer with high computing power to serve all the requests needed by the users, the amount of computing power dedicated to the website depends on the type of hosting you bought as well as the package type.

1.Shared Web Hosting

In this is a type of hosting the provider uses a single server to host multiple websites and those websites will be sharing the same server resources such as CPU, RAM, and other addon provided by the web hosting company. The limit to which one website can use any of the server resources is determined by the packages one bought. Each company offers different packages and you can choose a package based on your business needs or your customer needs. Since one server is used to host hundreds or even thousands of websites the price for this type of hosting is fairly low. One of the best company that offers an affordable shared hosting package is Namecheap you can get the available offers here

Advantage of Shared Hosting

Low Cost: Since many websites share the same server hence the cost is a single dedicated server is distributed among the hosted websites. This is why shared hosting is very suitable for small business owners to establish an online presence for their business.

Easy Setup & Configuration: The hosting company provides the services are doing of the technical set up for you by pre-including the common technologies needed for your hosting such as MySQL, CMS(i.e WordPress, Joomla), Webmail, FTP section and hence you do not require much technical knowledge to complete the configuration of your website all you need to do it so know how to use Cpanel which offers simple web graphical interface with the few clicks and your website is up and running.

Quick Technical Support: Even if everything is being set up with the hosting company but you can still get instant technical support whenever you run into problems.

Wide Range of Plans: Different hosting offers different plans for shared hosting and each plan comes with its limitations in terms of resources so you can always start with small plans and then upgrade to a higher plan when your website starts getting much traffics.

Disadvantage of Shared Hosting

Performance issues: Since hundreds or even thousands of websites given a share to a single server your website is expected to faces many performance issues such as low speed, frequent downtime.

Less Control: Your web hosting provides a wide range of pre-installed technologies and other software that you may use but since you do not have root access to the server you cannot control which software is installed or which software to install on your hosting.

Prone to Attack: This is another one of the biggest issues with this type of hosting, in shared hosting your website’s safety is not much guaranteed like the other websites you are sharing the server with may pose a risk to your website.

2.Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS HOSTING)

It is the physical server that is virtually partitioned into multiple servers with each server has its own dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, HDD, and operating system. Each customer will be assigned server resources based on their requirements, Multiple websites reside on a single server but each with its dedicated resources to it, unlike shared hosting where multiple websites shared the single server and its resources.

Advantage of Virtual private server(VPS)

Admin Access to the server: With root access to the server you can install anything you want according to your needs or remove anything you do not use on the server.

Reduce Loading Speed: With dedicated resouces only to your website, your website site loading speed will increacess as no other site is sharing your resources unlike shared hosting.

More secure than shared hosting: Having full control and dedicated resources only to your website makes your website less prone to attacks that could be possible caused by the security risk posed on the other website if it were for shared hosting.

Improves reliability: Dedicated resources means only you will be using those allocated resources, hence more reliable your website will be because there is no competition of resources with other sites what will cause downtime.

Disadvantage of Virtual private server(VPS).

More expensive: The cost of having dedicated resources only for you is high when compared to shared hosting.

Require more technical knowledge: For setting up everything on your own starting from changing your DNS to connecting your domain to VPS, setting up a database, and other related issues, these all require a person with technical knowledge to handle them.

3.Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is where a whole physical server along with its resources is dedicated to a single customer, unlike VPS where the physical server is segregated into multiple virtual servers. The customer is in full control of the whole server and can configure it according to his/her requirements.

Advantage of Dedicated hosting

Improved website performance: With the whole server and its resources being dedicated only to your website it ensures the same level of your website speed regardless of the amount of traffics your website receives. On the other hand, the performance can be achieved by optimizing the server based on the requirements of the website.

Higher Security Level: Dedicated hosting has added advantage which is it offers a peace of mind knowing only your website is present on the server this eliminate that fact that other website may pose a security risk to your website also this type of hosting gives the bussiness owners the control to impliment addition security features on the server such as firewall and ant-virus.

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